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Information on getting ready for hairstyles and makeup


NOTE! If you own coarse natural curly hair, you do not need to follow these instructions. Just add shape foam in addition to your normal routine. If you want a smoother hairstyle, you can also straighten your hair in advance.

1. Proper washing preferably the night before twice. If possible, use a deep cleansing shampoo. Wash your hair with thickening products rather than caring and smoothing.

- conditioner only on the tops thinly and thoroughly wash. Also avoid smoothing and structuring products in conditioners.

- Hair oils should be avoided the day before the hairstyle, as they reduce the permanence of curls and hairstyles.

2. Apply to towel-dried hair well  shaped foam and, if desired, a curly spray / salt spray. Squeeze the products into the hair. Then dry the hair thoroughly, blow dry with a ragged hand to allow the hair to use texture  with squeezing hands to help with drying. Shaping foam is an important preparation, especially if the hairstyle is curly.

3. Lightly spin your hair on a bun or braid overnight.


1. Exfoliate your face thoroughly (especially in dry areas) a couple of days before applying makeup. However, avoid products that are too strong to keep your skin intact. For this, chemical peeling, not products containing abrasive beads, would be best. For example, I recommend this:  

2. Wash your face thoroughly the night before and apply a thick moisturizing grease overnight, including olive oil or other caring oil.

3. Wash your face in the morning before applying makeup with a mild washing liquid or milk. Grease your face after this, avoid thick oily fats. Use only lightly absorbed fats or serums to prevent grease from remaining on the skin surface under makeup.

Extra tip;   If you want your face to be absolutely extra perfect for makeup, then I recommend shaving your face the night before. Often, an invisible odor grows on the surface of the skin, which doesn’t hurt in principle, but the makeup looks even better and smoother in the absence of these.

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