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VÄINÖNKATU 42, 40100

dog energy treatment Jyväskylä

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The treatment room is located in the center of Jyväskylä

Väinönkatu 42, courtyard

40100 Jyväskylä

In the courtyard, go immediately to the left and a brown door to me can be found on the stone pedestal of the house.

To take care of my journey

Spiritual awakening led me on the path of healing and the seer. All my life I had been wondering why I didn’t really belong to the crowd and it was hard to find my own path in the middle of a normal everyday life.  

When my dear grandfather died a few years ago, it pushed me right overboard - but in the end, in a positive way. I started asking questions about life and death that had no answer.  

With this event, I became acquainted with energy treatments, and I was relieved of the mental as well as physical pains for which I did not receive help from society.  In the meantime, let me mention that I have been a worse class skeptic all my life. I have been rummaging by doctors, if at another year, for various symptoms, yet finding no answer. The symptoms could be relieved, but no one bitten the root cause.

  I also rated myself 110%  becoming an atheist since I was a teenager, and the only truth in my life was the materialistic world and both the reality told by society.  

After attending treatments for a few years, I began to wake up to the idea that helping people has always been what makes me feel good in my heart. I didn’t know how to do it, but the inner fire had now ignited and could no longer be extinguished.

My journey of healing was led by people who mentored me forward and helped awaken my talents.

During my trip, I trained as a Reiki practitioner, and studied several different techniques to support this form of treatment. I feel that by intuitively combining different treatments, I get the best results for each client.

Welcome to relax with me!

ajanvaraus energiahoito
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