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Wedding hairstyle

The wedding hairstyle will be honed and designed exactly as you wish. I love to do hairstyles for important days, and every performance is set up perfectly, for your day!

Wedding makeup

In wedding makeup, you choose whether to make the makeup look good with false eyelashes, or maybe you just want a little ball accent on your face. We design it together from start to finish, so you can be sure your makeup is perfect for your wedding day.


Does your wedding party need hairstyles and makeup too?

No worries! I can also do hairstyles and makeup for your whole party when you book an entire morning for yourself. I managed to make an average of about 3-4 gas or guests in addition to the bride, depending on the schedule of your wedding morning.

Hotel and Home Visits

You can order services exactly where you are on your wedding morning! Spend a stress-free wedding morning and enjoy the day without unnecessary time-consuming movement from place to place. You can enjoy your morning champagne in complete peace!

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